Published Work


Raven and the Phoenix

I recently just finished this book cover for Russell D Bernstein for his book 'Raven and the Phoenix' - I haven't had the pleasure of reading this book yet but I had so much fun creating the cover! I had never painted lava before let alone a Phoenix and so was grateful for the challenge and enjoyed painting it immensely.

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Reign of the Fallen

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Glenn Marsh, Razorbill and Penguin Teen Books to create seven character illustration cards for her new debut novel, Reign of the Fallen. This book is a YA fantasy novel based in a world where necromancers bring people back from the dead and Shade's run rampant in the kingdoms towns and cities. I fell in love with the diverse characters that live within this world and am so grateful that I was able to work with Sarah in bringing these characters to life!

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The 'Vinyl' Trilogy

I have worked over the past year with Sophia Elain Hanson, the author of the ongoing trilogy, Vinyl. I am a huge fan of this Indie series and the characters that live within this dystopian world. I have so far created two illustrations of the character Ronja as well as sketches of the characters that have been published into the front of the books.

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Graphic Novel

Shadows at Noon - Simpleton

For the past year or so I have been working with the wonderful author, Brian Woodruff from Canada in turning his short story 'Shadows at Noon' into a short comic/graphic novel. Part one is now completed and published and we are currently half way through working on part two!

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